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Your GPS

The whys and the how’s of gaining, losing, and maintaining weight seem to converge like a road map in the big city. There are so many ways to go to reach our destination.  But which way do we choose. This, of course, depends on what you want to accomplish. Let us give you a “for instance.”
In mid-December Debbie Devore and her husband, Paul, attended a wonderful Christmas concert on a cold winter evening. When they left the concert a few hours later it was snowing heavily. They asked themselves, which way should they take to reach home, their final destination. They had choices. They could take the interstate which could be crowded, slippery, and dangerous. Or, they could take the surface streets and enjoy the scenic ride home. In the spirit of the Christmas concert they chose the scenic drive where the trees were white and witnessed some of the most beautiful holiday lights on the beautiful homes. Lady Debbie and Paul (this is what her husband sometimes call her ever since they watched a special presentation about Downton Abbey on public TV). She is often called Miss Debbie or Chef Debbie or just simply Debbie. They chose this path because they wanted to enjoy the ride while reaching their destination. It might have taken longer, but they relieved the pressure of driving on slippery streets and reached home safely.

This is what Weight Management is all about. You can choose the quick path where the risk of not meeting your goal is a bit higher. However, if successful, you will get there faster. Or, you can take a gradual approach where it might take a little longer to reach your goals. However, there is less risk using this approach. No deadlines equals less pressure.

“Let’s Get Serious” will be your GPS (Global Positioning Service). We will use our real life experience and the experiences of many of Debbie’s students who have reduced their weight without even counting a calorie. Each month, The GPS column will guide you down the path you have chosen to reach your personal weight goals. We will be consistent and consistency creates success.

This article will be part of a series to share our weight management protocol and the success of Debbie’s students to manage their weight, both male and female, towards the incredible real time proof that what you put on your plate will reduce or eliminate many medications for disease such as Type II Diabetes, Cardiac challenges, many chronic diseases, and of course weight management. This is where it all begins.

There are specific recommendation of the Do’s and the Don’t’s when putting your personal plan in place. Here they are.

Do exercise if you can. Follow the lead of how you feel and don’t overdo it. You can create your own program.  You can begin by taking the famous gradual approach. Ten minutes, twenty minutes, or thirty minutes. Don’t over do it. Beginning with ten minutes will counter any excuse like, “I don’t have time.”

Do choose a destination as how you’re going to manage your weight goals. Remember, once you reach your destination, your life will change forever, feeling so incredible that you won’t believe it. So, do what is comfortable and achievable for you. If you want to reach your destination very quickly, you can. However, the risk is higher that you might have a difficult time. If you take a gradual approach, reaching your destination will take longer, but the risk of failure is much less. Your Choice.

Don’t take medications to lose weight when you can take a natural approach which is safe and inexpensive. Please understand, sometimes it is necessary to take medication. It is more necessary to talk with your doctor about what it will take and how you want to accomplish your weight management. Medications can cause short-term and long-term side effects, whether you feel them or not.

Don’t listen to the pharmaceutical TV commercials. All they provide is one minute of marketing and two minutes of disclaimers. Sounds dangerous to us. Turn them off.

Do get to know your doctor better by asking questions. Write them down.

Next issue, we will have a section called “FAQs.” We’ll have answers such as, “Where do I get my protein?” This is probably the most asked and the most misunderstood question and answer you will hear, even to many physicians. Look for the next issue to get your vegan questions answered.