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Presenting The Insta-Summer Plate Specials – a recipe packet especially designed for you and presented during our live cooking event at VegFest Colorado this past week.  We selected some of the easiest recipes on the planet, perfect food for lazy summer days. Fun recipes for small plates or large platters, which can be thrown together in no time flat!Citrus Kale Salad Close up

Right before summer, I was fortunate to attend a “Walk with a Doc” event hosted by National Jewish, a weekly organized event lead by Dr. Freeman and all kinds of talented health professionals.  They meet once a month, early Saturday morning in beautiful city parks to walk, talk and learn all kinds of interesting things that health professionals share in the most relaxing way.  They even provide free coffee, breakfast food, birthday prizes and giveaways to get you started!

As I was walking and visiting with Dr. Freeman, a cardiologist at National Jewish here in Denver, he was telling me that one of the biggest challenges his patients face is their worry that switching over to a whole food plant-based diet is simply too hard.French Chick-Pea Salad

With that comment resting in the back of my mind,  we had another opportunity to share publicly,  a few more delightful ideas and recipes based on my Introduction Cooking Series to Plant-Based Foods.  That was our motivation this month in selecting the recipes for this annual Health and Environmental Fair.  As we become ever more aware of the benefits derived from a whole food plant-based diet the possibilities are endless.  Marvelous, delicious food that has the ability to heal a loved one, to heal oneself,  and provide hope for a future in a new and brighter way.  Amazing food full of love.  The process becomes a rewarding experience, a new path that can feel challenging in the beginning but brings enormous joy and pleasure in the heart of your kitchen and into the world.

The closing remarks at the end of our VegFest cooking demonstration, and every single cooking class since 2011, is a thankful heart, for the possibility of healing each other and healing our world.  You can try it one recipe at a time!

Wishing you some happy and lazy summer days.

From my kitchen to yours,


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