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Vegetable Pot Pie Casserole copyVegetables and gravy smothered in biscuits?  You might think I have this enticing description backwards, but this is the best way to describe our NEW FAMILY FAVORITE.  When these crisp edgy golden biscuits come out of the oven and cover the top of a piping hot gravy,  you know you have died and gone to dinners heaven.  So, even though this recipe makes a lot, and fills a large casserole dish, everyone wants seconds, well, even thirds, in my house.  So now I have started to make two batches of vegetable gravy stew and save the second batch for a future meal.

Baking tray with various mugs and oven proof dishes copySometimes I use the gravy stew inside oven proof mugs and various sizes of casserole dishes, even ramekins will suffice.  I used a 1 1/2 inch cookie scoop for these biscuits in this photo and placed the various cooking vessels on a large rimmed baking sheet to easily transfer my dishes in and out of the oven.  This is perfect for reheating small quantities, lunch, or smallish single, or family meals.

French Pastry Dough Pot Pie copyThe third way I have prepared this recipe is by creating a single pot pie with a top and bottom crust. After our Bake it Vegan Class, held in late December, I happened to have left over pastry dough from the apple galettes we demonstrated in class.  I created an elegant pastry pie with piping hot winter veggies for Christmas Eve.  My son Wesley said it was the best meal he ever had!  A few compliments to the chef go a long way in my house, but I think your family will agree, this is LOVE, in the kitchen.

The recipe I developed was inspired by my friend Ann Swissdorf who shared this delicious pot pie and recipe, in a very large soup pot and covered it with tablespoon sized dropped biscuits, presented for a Vegan Meetup Dinner, I was lucky enough to attend in March 2012.  Vegan potlucks are great places to make new friends and try homemade family recipes!

Food and friendship, what could be better than that?

With warm wishes from my kitchen to yours,