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Looking for some fun snack food while watching the telly this winter?  Here are three of my very favorite recipes that I tend to make over and over again.  Our Super Bowl Party Foods Cooking Class recently sold out, so I decided to share some extra perfect at-home snacks, this time, with an Asian Twist.

Whether you are looking for fabulous game snack food, or if you are like me, simply love watching the star-studded Oscars in February and all those gorgeous evening gowns, this party planner will land you in the hall of fame!

With a little creativity you can prep any of these foods the day before and still present that celebrity award plate.

Spicey EdamameMy Spicy Edamame is totally addicting and the ultimate low fat snack.  I have been ordering this dish forever at one of my favorite restaurants on Broadway and finally figured out how they blister the pods and sauce them up, just right.  You can prepare this appetizer in advance if you like and reheat in a skillet just before serving.  I prefer to use a wok or cast iron skillet when preparing this, as you will use less oil.

Kimchi pancakes copyI am crazy about Kimchi Pancakes or any Korean Pancake for that matter.  Ever since Jenny (our Korean chef instructor at the cooking school) introduced us to these little wonders,  I have been hooked.  I could eat these for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  You can find the Korean pancake mix at H-mart or your nearest Asian grocery store, if you’re lucky.

Chive pancakes copyTry the batter with minced kimchi, Chinese chives, bean sprouts, carrots, or green onions, and don’t forget the dipping sauce as it adds a flavor bomb.  Rice wine vinegar can be subbed for the German brand, but it has a milder kick.


There are two ways to make pancakes ahead:

  1. Fry the silver dollar pancakes the day before and reheat in a skillet or 350º oven. Plate with dipping sauce.
  2. Prepare the batter the day before, cover and refrigerate. The next day spoon them into a hot skillet while you are visiting with friends.

spring roll appetizers copyAsian Spring Rolls and Peanut Dipping Sauce, yes, even spring rolls, can be made in advance.  Prepare an impressive platter the day of the event and cover with a damp tea towel first, and secondly cover the platter in plastic wrap.  The rice paper skins might become a little chewy but they are still delish.  If you plan on making the day before, be sure to hide the avocado slices in between the greens and bean threads.  I normally prefer to highlight the avocado slices, but not the second day!  Always serve at room temperature with peanut sauce for best flavor.

Best wishes in your kitchen.

Have a ball!