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Last year just before Christmas I attended Debbie’s holiday cooking Bake it Vegan class, everything was so delicious and a real treat. image6She had a recipe for quinoa cookies, I loved them, but found that they took longer to make than the amount of time I usually have. I came up with a modified version that my daughter, Cosette could help me with. She’s not alone, every toddler loves to eat a delicious cookie. Unfortunately most cookies don’t make a good, nutritious snack. So that’s why this recipe is great, it is easy, full of good stuff and I can make it from memory. image7
There really is no way to mess them up and we make them different every time. There are only three ingredients that we use every time, the rest changes depending on what we have on hand.image4


Here’s the recipe for the Three Ingredient Oatmeal Cookies