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No we’re not sending you back to grade school although we vividly remember how refreshing it was to have a substitute teacher once in a while. Our substitute teacher is refreshing, too. Debbie Devore, the founder of Almost Vegan Cooking School, will Veganize popular dishes and share what she does at home and in class to satisfy our long lost cravings. To satisfy the rules of transparency, Debbie, Chef Debbie, or Lady Debbie, is Paul’s wife. You can call her anything you want. She’s so talented and lovable. We’re serious!

Debbie Devore – Founder

Each month, Debbie will share a favorite and delicious recipe with you that will include some special substitute ingredients good enough or even better then the original dish. Many of these recipes will be from outside her kitchen and many will be entirely her own. Full disclosure will, of course, be the special of the day.

As examples, these dishes will be range from the grilled cheese sandwich and Mac and cheese delight, to my favorite, the reuben sandwich. Even a Roast Brisket can be veganized.

This is not the second string. This is the first team. Each dish will not only satisfy our health standards, (this is a fancy way to say you’ll live longer) but it will be delicious too. And, most of all it will be fun. Most dishes can stay in the fridge for two to three days so you enjoy the break from cooking.

Once again, you have your own personal chef. Debbie is available by email, text, and even by telephone if need be. Your health is what we care about so, Let’s Get Serious.