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My Summer Squash Rosette: A Simple French Gratin with Vegan Cooking Techniques

A gratin is a French culinary technique in which the top is browned by using bread crumbs, eggs, or cheese and is usually prepared in a shallow baking dish.

I have been admiring photographs of french gratins on Instagram for a long, long time and decided to try my hand at veganizing this classic dish.

The occasion arose this summer for a girlfriend’s potluck.  Your girlfriends can be the perfect ones for taste testing a new recipe and providing lots of support. When they wanted to take pictures and find out the clues, I must admit, I was perfectly thrilled. I’m sharing the results if you would like to try. The dish was pretty and delicious too! Here’s the trick, subbing out the cheese is not complicated, it’s the swirling of the rosette that takes a few more minutes to prepare. I used a mandolin in slicing and soaked the veggie strips in a bit of extra virgin olive oil and herbs for 15 minutes to soften and twirl. I used a combination of nutritional yeast, pine nuts and flaky sea salt to replace the eggs and cheese. It all worked beautifully.  Just a little French tip!

Summer Squash Rosette Recipe + Oil-free ideas and Cutting without a Mandolin