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The Power of “WOW”

Every Saturday morning and every Thursday evening I listen and observe some parts of Debbie’s cooking class in a packed kitchen of 16-18 students. “WOW, it smells so good in here” is what I always hear as students enter our home. I am greeted with “Hi Paul” and from a new student a warm introduction comes so sincerely.

As I escort each student into the kitchen, the second “WOW” always happens. “What a beautiful kitchen. Did you remodel it just for the school?” So I listen to Debbie tell the story once again because her kitchen is incredibly warm and welcoming. And did I mention that I give first time students a personal introduction to Debbie and her assistants. An extra touch because at least for the class, we become family.

Walking into the kitchen offers many special moments. Debbie and her assistants are very busy preparing ingredients and scrumptious dishes, laughing and smiling.

You want to hear a secret? Many students come early just to get a closer seat and witness the preparation and how it all comes together.

The third “WOW” is the exquisite table setting, which by the way, is Debbie’s favorite preparation process for her class. Color coordinated dishes and napkins, fine silverware, elegant dishes, and even lovely glassware waiting for you, filled to the top. Sometimes, depending on the class, a glass of complimentary wine is offered. Fine dining at its best.

The next “WOW” is one of my favorite wows, The Introduction. Debbie welcomes her student family with her wonderful warm smile and asks for a quick self introduction, maybe a quick story as to why they’re in class. Some students are brief and some never stop talking. It is so much fun. Then, without a doubt, I hear laughter. I venture a quick peek and see smiles and happiness.

What a perfect environment to learn and to be educated. The positive energy in Debbie’s kitchen is enormous. The students see it and feel it. And, I see how happy Debbie is, which will make it much easier for me to spend four hours helping Debbie clean dishes when class is over.

The last “WOW”, when all is done, is how Debbie takes a few minutes at the end of class to share her wisdom. I know what’s going to happen because I witness it all the time. Her passion to help people is not only expressed through her words, but also through her emotions. Her eyes get moist, a tear may flow, but the smile is always there. Everybody feels it and returns the love with an overwhelming ovation, including me.

Now, Let’s Get Serious.