Almost Vegan Cooking School

I created Almost Vegan Cooking School in January 2011. My dream was to help anyone who spent time in my kitchen to experience the joy and desire for healthy good food. My home kitchen is a recreational cooking school centered around the amazing benefits of a plant based diet. When I personally began eating this way, it was an awakening for me and my entire family. I thought I could help others with this extraordinary journey.

When we move towards a diet full of plants we need new ideas, new ways of cooking, friends to support us, inspiration, education and a helping hand. You will find all of these qualities at Almost Vegan Cooking School. You will see cooking demonstrations, taste wonderful new food, and share the morning with others around our table.

In May of 2012, I completed the Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition through eCornell University. The courses were taught by T. Colin Campbell, PhD, author of “The China Study”. I choose the name ” Almost Vegan” as a welcome to everyone. I hope you can join me for a future cooking class in house or online!

A Humble Beginning

You may wonder where all the students came from when I began this cooking school just a few years ago. Well, quite literally, they came from off the street. I never imagined myself standing outside a movie theatre passing out brochures for free cooking classes, but that is what happened when I began listening to my heart. Our phone began ringing off the hook for reservations and my new cooking school was filled with students. Their stories have inspired me and I have never been the same since.

Almost Vegan Cooking School is a soulful quest, a desire to collectively heal our bodies, heal each other, and heal the world we live in. It is a collective aspiration, to help one another, to believe that we have the potential to create something new and better as we evolve and grow. It is the soul of my company.

I believe we are a gift of love and food can be a gift to our bodies at each and every meal. It is my desire to share the preparation of food and education in the hope of creating a new and healthier world.