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How To Meet Challenges of Feeling Better & Living Longer

Let’s Get Serious. How are you going to challenge yourself today that doesn’t kill you? Do you plan on running 5 miles or lifting 200 pounds? Not today. You’re going to say to yourself, “I’m Hungry” (you probably are) then, get over it and keep reading.

Did you know that many adults have an imaginary friend just like they did when they were children? This friend was the best supporter any one could have because he or she believed in each other and helped each other get through life at this very young age. You talked out loud to each other within your own imaginations. You cried together. You had a best friend. So, this is what we want you to do to get over the self imposed fear of gradually changing what you are putting on your plate. Please pay attention to the word gradually. It is a very run-scary word, don’t you think. Let’s have some fun.

Begin by finding your favorite friend in any way you can. Maybe you still have that favorite stuffed animal or one of your children’s friends from a long time ago. As you are thinking about this, Smile. Doesn’t that feel good. You might even laugh. Life is good and it’s going to get better. Once you have your new friend, hold him or her and reintroduce yourself and ask for their help. You may feel weird, but who cares, you’re going to live longer and feel better. By the way, only do this in your home. Talking in front of others may cause people to think you’re a bit fuzzy. And you just may be.

The other alternative is to tell everybody you know that you are determined to begin the vegan lifestyle and would like their help. Oh my, they will think you’re going out of your mind, but I guarantee they will want to help you.

Your husband or your significant other, or your children, or your friends will begin to question your sanity, but keep smiling because as your skin begins to look younger, as your energy is out of sight, and you’re off or not going on any medication, they will begin bragging about you, and some day they will come around. KEEP SMILING.

This is the beginning of your adventure. So here is some thinking that benefits us. Willa Cather said, “If I made a chore of it, my enthusiasm would die. I make an adventure of it every day.”  Adventures can be arduous. On an adventure, fear transmutes to excitement. Thinking of any kind of life changing adventure works much better for us than to think of it as “opening a vein” or slogging through and suffering. Willa Cather books are among the best down home and inspiring stories you can read and learn from.

We want to take excerpts of a quote Kimberlie Hamilton sent to us. Kimberlie is an amazing writer of travel books and travel scenarios, a good friend of Debbie’s, and also vegan. A wonderful combination. It is called Meditative Pep Talk. It has everything we all need to enhance our lives.

“Each day before I write, I sit before my computer with my hands on my lap, take a deep breath and close my eyes. Then I focus on a what I call a meditative pep talk, an inner rallying cry that allows me to relax and write more freely. It’s about allowing, not forcing. It’s about being curious and joyful. I am doing this because I love it. I’m willing to make a mess, like a finger-painting kid. I trust my instincts. My unconscious will guide me. I’m willing to get lost in the dream of writing. I have a friend who wrote her meditative pep talk on a piece of paper and taped it above her desk.” As Kimberlie put it, it helped remind her to enjoy the process.

You fill in the words with maybe, change your life. This is inspiration that we all can use. We end this column by listing the “meet the challenge tips” and we want you to choose one or two get started.

You’ve made a decision to move towards feeling better. You’re talking and smiling. The night before that special day tomorrow, write down the words: steele cut oats, spinach, lemon, pepper, and a pinch of salt. Have the pots on the stove ready and the oatmeal in sight. Have your coffee cup ready for tomorrow, if you want. Sing if you like. You’ll be the talk of the family. Don’t forget to eliminate at least 1 unhealthy food item from your plate.

Talk to yourself out loud as soon as you get up in the morning. The smartest and most successful people talk to themselves as documented by psychologists and profile studies throughout the world. Announce to anybody around you what you’re doing. Just say to yourself, “I’m going to eliminate from my plate a food that is unhealthy and replace it with a delicious healthy alternative.”

In the morning, think of the benefits of your new adventure, just like Willa Cather. Have a Meditative Pep Talk just like Kimberlie does.

Next month in Let’s Get Serious, we will add additional challenge tips for your adventure.