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In the early morning hour

An excerpt from Paul Devore (Debbie’s Husband) 

We both rise between 4 and 5 am, I’m usually about 15 minutes ahead of Deb, and then I begin the spoiling process. I love it and she loves it too. I head downstairs to make my coffee and set up tea service for Debbie. Tea service includes a silver tray holding a white tea pot and a dainty cup and saucer made of Fine China. Debbie prefers fresh tea so this is laid out including a mesh tea steeper along with a spoon. I fill the the electric kettle with water and all awaits the arrival of the chef in the house. Three minutes to steep, and she’s off.

Debbie heads upstairs to her sewing room (yes she does sew) to meditate and write. Debbie writes seven days a week. I think she has filled hundreds of journals from cover to cover as she has done this for a long time. What does she write about?  I have no idea because I have never read a single word. I can tell by looking at her if it was heavy or light, happy or sad. I never intrude. I do know, that it is something she truly looks forward to, each and every day of the year.

I on the other hand, head to the den to watch the news, always having a pad of paper to jot down what I feel might be interesting information I learn and wish to share. I check my email and make my list of what I have to do for Debbie and then myself. Keep in mind, it is not even 6 am, plenty of time to get things done.  We usually walk together, an hour before breakfast and then after our morning meal, our day officially begins. We have separate offices in our house, but sometimes we work together in the kitchen, I’ll bring my laptop up, just to keep our company. Our day usually starts at the computer by 9 am.  As you can tell we are both early morning folks. We have a routine, and yet after all these years of familiarity we are still getting to know one another.  We even celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary this summer!