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Favorite Veganized Dish of the Month

This New Mexico dish is amazing. Hot and spicy, full of flavor, with a taste that leaves you asking for more. It’s called the Vegan Carnita. Adjust the spiciness at your own risk. We guarantee you and your entire family will love it and ask for it again and again. The word carnita represents meat or pork, but in this veganized version you will learn how to replace the meat with a healthy and delicious alternative, by marinating tempeh with garlic, water, and spices. The oil is optional.

After the carnitas are prepared you can reheat them by wrapping them in tinfoil and holding them in the crock pot on low. Perfect food for entertaining, game night, or cabin food in the woods.

We’re always full of advice. Be a hit with your friends. Drop by with a half dozen hot Carnitas wrapped in tinfoil. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood. We take no responsibility for your friends knocking on your door, begging for more!

We promised to share a favorite veganized dish every month. If you love it, call us and tell us. It motivates us to do more. As we said last month, you have your own personal chef. If you have a favorite vegan dish to share, or if you want Debbie to veganize a recipe for you, email it over to: