This article was written by one of our students after attending the Almost Vegan Introduction Series to Plant-Based Foods.

By: Stephanie Villafuerte, Livingston Fellow 2015

As part of my Livingston Fellowship activities, I decided that I wanted to learn how to cook. This originated from the bigger idea of exploring how to create balance between my work world and my personal life. I believed more balance in my life could create longevity for me as a leader–you know, “clear the cobwebs, take a little breather” from the hustle and bustle that has always been my world.  To my lawyer mind–the end goal was clear and logical–anything that facilitates my ability to work better or harder has to be a good thing–even if it means taking a time out.

What I did not anticipate is that the experience would be far more profound than a professional self-improvement project. The experience would serve to re-ignite my soul, my senses, and my passion for learning about the world around me.

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