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I have a crush on a farmer’s market as you will see. I’m fond of their vegetables, still clinging to dirt. Their round blush-y colors and deep purple hues, bring a slice of weakness and pleasure to my sensible sense. I wind up wanting a little morsel of everything in my eye sight.

I like the open air too, with it’s scented yeast. Yet just a few steps beyond all those mounds of freshly baked bread, is the twirling swirling fire cage with a bushel basket of flaming hot chilies, releasing their juicey heat. If that’s not enough for my senses, I can lay my eyes on the bright yellow and strawberry red, plastic oil cloth, covering the produce tables, just another bit of glee to my wondering lust.

Now, I’m walking down the center aisle between the tents, knowing that this is the last walk of the season. I can’t resist taking in the grand appearance of cardboard boxes, staging all the outrageous lushness of vegetables with fruit. It feels like such good summer taste.

I have a crush on the market as you can see.

Here’s to celebrating summer’s end and enjoying all that lushness as we celebrate Thanksgiving in November.

Here are two recipes inspired by my last October trip to the Cherry Creek Farmer’s Market in Denver:


Earthy Beets mixed with Baby Arugula Greens

Seared Romaine and a Sprinkling of Walnut Vegan Parmesan Cheese

The remaining dishes included an easy skillet sauté of Bell peppers, Onions, and Anaheim Green Chiles, and another skillet of Fingerling Potatoes with Rosemary and Garlic.  It was a simple spread that made my heart sing.

Here’s to summer’s end.