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Searing tofu is a great basic technique that every fledging cook should learn to perfect. I love the flavors of this Tamari Lime Marinade that was developed for our Bahn Mi Baguette, but I have found I am using it all the time. Something this easy with such great taste is worth repeating over and over again. It’s so versatile, I’ve added the seared tofu chunks to Taco Salads, Rice Bowls, Watermelon Salads and even as an appetizer cut into triangles skewered with a small square of watermelon or fresh fruit. Check out the recipe for the Tamari Lime Marinade Seared Tofu.

I particularly like to keep the tofu in the pan until the edges caramelize and become dark. Be patient if you are like me and prefer it almost burnt,  it take about 8 minutes per side in my cast iron skillet. You can also make extra steaks at the same time and enjoy it with another meal tomorrow night.  Refrigerate cooked steaks for up to 3 days.  Purchase tofu firm or extra firm, organic, non GMO, for best results.  It is not necessary to press, just rinse the block with cool water and pat dry.  Slice into squares that fit your pan and marinate until ready to fry.  Tofu is like a blank canvas ready to support the flavors you wish!

Cooking from the heart,