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Learning to pickle can be a whole lot of fun! Just chop up some veggies and soak them in a sweet or salty brine. You can massage them with your hands by using a plastic glove, or lay them in a pyrex dish for about 30 minutes before transferring them into glass or mason jars. You can enjoy them for the next 4 weeks or eat them right away. They remain nice and crisp for the first week and them begin to soften over time. Store your jars in the refrigerator, and remember to use a fresh clean fork each time you dip into the brine.

Surprisingly the jalapeƱo peppers mellow with age and I like them especially well in the soy sauce brine, but if you want to keep the vegetables colorful and bright replace the soy sauce with table salt, tasting one teaspoon at a time. This recipe is a blue print to help you get started. Taste the vegetables in the brine and adjust to your liking, by adding more vinegar, less sugar or salt. View pickling brine recipe here

Here are a few photos of pickling possibilities and various vegetable cuts.

Big Radish Julienne Cut

Red Onion Square and Triangle Cut

Jenny massaging Vegetables in Brine

Salty Rainbow Relish Soaking in Pyrex dish

Rainbow Relish using Soy Sauce Brine