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The Banh Mi Guide Handbook!
Recipes developed for VegFest Colorado ~  2017

During the month of August I will be sharing my notes regarding all the recipes Jenny and I developed for VegFest Colorado. It turned out to be another fantastic show with an attendance that nearly doubled from the previous 2016 year!  Can you believe that our first  Colorado VegFest in 2010 was attended by 650 people?  This past week our show participation climbed to approximately 8000! You can’t help but feel the energy surrounding a vegan lifestyle and plant-based foods. I hope you were able to attend at least one of the many lectures, meet an author or watch a new vegan chef share their passion for cooking while you were at Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Golden, Colorado.  Our show runs on volunteers in an effort to educate the public on health, food and environmental issues.

For those of you unable to attend I’ll be sharing more tips, photographs and shopping recommendations to help you get started with creating your own Bahn Mi baguettes!  The recipes from our cooking demo are now posted on the Almost Vegan Cooking School recipe board.

It was great to see you and thank you for stopping by our booth!

Here are my follow up notes from the Bahn Mi Baguette Cooking Show:

When you learn how to pickle you can create all kinds of short cut meals.  Add pickles to sandwiches, create Bahn Mi rice bowls, roll them in rice paper wraps, top Asian noodles, either hot or cold, and even enjoy them as a light snack with a Japanese/Korean Sweet Potato bite.

The simplicity of Asian pickling is incentive enough to give this a try.  All you really need is salt and, or sugar, a bottle of vinegar, and your favorite knife.

Here are my shopping tips from the ingredients we sourced.  We like the German Vinegar for it’s brassy bite, but substitute rice vinegar if you like or  try a combination of two vinegar types.

These vinegars are available at:
2000 South Havana Street,
Aurora, Colorado  80012

Persian or Kirby cucumbers,
Crisp Chili Oil and Korean radishes are available at:
2751 South Parker Road
Aurora, Colorado 80014

There is also an H-Mart in Westminster, Colorado.