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An extraordinary broth using preserved lemons, turmeric, ginger and fennel seeds. Serve as a light soup or a creamy sauce ladled generously over new petite boiled potatoes or hot steaming rice.

Use Your Sense of Color and Taste to Select Your Food

The intense color in food, and the intense flavor of many plants correlate with their antioxidant activity. The flavors and the colors are the antioxidants.

Imagine those antioxidants are colorful, powerful pac-men fighting free radicals at the cellular level of your body.

This Shopping knowledge will help you make choices at the grocery store. Shall it be a red or white onion, purple or green cabbage, bitter or subtle greens? Intensity appears to be good for the human body.

Gleaned from “How Not to Die”  by Dr. Michael Greger, 350- 352.