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Our Children

Even before “the kids” arrive on our special planet, most parents or first time parents are already preparing for their health and safety, such as selecting a doctor for them.

This is before they make their entrance. Everything you do is focusing on love, health and safety. The most important ingredient for their recipe of life is love. And this ingredient should be part of every meal you prepare and serve. But, love comes with questions.

Because you are the teacher and you set the examples, all parents question themselves as to how do they protect their children from junk food, overly processed food, too much sugar, and unnecessary fats?

“Let’s Get Serious” will keep you informed and keep you updated on child nutrition, recipes for all ages, and how to get your kids excited about what they’re eating. This includes all ages. We want children growing up strong and learning how to take care of themselves as they mature and get older. You are the example. There is so much more information about what we are eating and the ages that poor habits begin.  There will be interviews with all specialties of doctors, nutritionists, and experienced mothers and fathers.

We are not physicians so the bottom line is to discuss and have a dialog with your own professionals. We provide education and real life experience because we interact through our school every day. So, we welcome you and encourage you to read the articles each month, email us with questions and comments, and enjoy your children to the fullest as they grow up safe and healthy.