Almost Vegan An Online Cooking Course

Our Daily Greens

This first lesson inspires you to eat dark leafy greens. They are the richest source of nutrients on the planet, far above any other food we might eat.  Greens are the perfect nutritional package for the human body, a living source of daily vitamins, minerals and hundreds of phyto-chemicals. They are loaded in cancer fighting antioxidants and help our body function at peak performance levels.

The amazing thing about “Our Daily Greens” is when you begin this intentional practice you begin to crave them. Our taste buds are re-wired every 3 weeks. A refined tasting technique develops and it increases the desire for more fruits and vegetables.  Lesson one includes unexpected rewards such as the improvement of mood and weight loss.

Included Recipes

Cheesy Kale Chips
Curly Green Kale Chips
Rainbow Kale Slaw
Sweet Mustard Greens, Currants, Apples and Toasted Pine Nuts
Amaranth and Sweet Corn
Collard or Kale Dinner Sauté
More Green Smoothies
Green Smoothie Breakfast
Super Fast Spinach Sauté
The Madonna Breakfast
Spinach and Orzo Lunch Salad
Hot Porridge with Spinach

Don’t Skip the Best Course!

This cooking school has become my life story.

I initially became interested in this style of cooking because I began to feel a remarkable difference. I had always been a healthy eater but preparing home cooked plant-based meals was turning into a brand new situation.  I had more energy, more clarity.  It became easier to focus on a task. My skin had a slight tinkle and I slept more soundly at night.  These changes happened within a matter of two weeks and the benefits continue to this day.  Plants are worthy of our attention, they contain many gifts.  They are of prime importance to the human body.  You will perform at your best.

I became ever more passionate as a teacher when I began to hear personal stories from our students. They were sharing results that were amazing, even hard to believe. I was so encouraged by their experiences that in many ways this became my lifes work.  Helping others discover these blessing became the best part.

This course is an easy way to catch up to a 21st century cooking style. Preparing a meal is often an auto-pilot skill.  Changing things up in the kitchen can feel a bit overwhelming.  That is why I started this school and developed this teaching method.  It is called the Almost Vegan Cooking Course.

Many of our students have experienced a transformation from cooking plant-based foods. Our goal is to help you and share our joy in the process.  Cook one recipe and when you master it, try another.  Its that simple.

Your soulmate in the kitchen,

– Debbie Devore

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