Vegan Dairy

Vegan Dairy is the sixth class I teach in The Introduction Cooking Series to Plant-Based Foods.

Did you grew up believing strong bone health came from drinking 3 glasses of milk a day? I was taught this in primary school and considered milk and cheese to be as American as apple pie. Today, however, there is a growing body of research suggesting we might want to consider alternatives to milk, eggs and cheese.

If you love dairy, why not learn to make it vegan? It’s simpler than you ever imagined and healthier too. I recreate some of our favorite comfort foods like Pasta Alfredo, Cheesy Quesadillas, Six Layer Nachos and more. Included in your recipe packet is a handout entitled, A Closer Look at Milk, Eggs, and Cheese, which many students have found helpful in transitioning to plant-based foods. Discover in the most delightful way, delicious vegan dairy recipes during this half hour cooking episode!


Recipes Included

  1. Creamy Lime Mousse ©
  2. Nachos ~ six layers ©
  3. Fresh Tomato Salsa©
  4. Creamy Cheesy Quesadillas ~ Vegan Style
  5. Pasta Alfredo ©
  6. Fresh Almond Milk
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