Snacks and Desserts

Snacks and Desserts is the third class I teach in The Introduction Cooking Series to Plant-Based Foods.

Eating highly processed foods such as chips and cookies or eating a luscious piece of fruit, a natural wonder, creates two entirely different responses in the body. Once you begin to visualize this process in your body, your mind will support good eating decisions all the time. As we push processed foods aside, your palate begins to crave nutrient dense natural food and the need to count calories, worry about portions and the other countless restrictions that come with dieting simply disappear. Throw those old diet books away. Just become a strong plant eater!

My students in Denver love this class because it is packed full of great information. You will learn to prepare four fabulous chip and dip combinations, bake cookies without refined sugar, discover some of my sweetest candy ideas, and replace dairy ice-cream with dreamy nicecreams, all whole food plants, guilt free snacks and desserts! Join me in this 40-minute episode.

Recipes Included

  1. Quinoa Cookies
  2. Creamy Crunchy Parfait
  3. Vanilla Maple Syrup Pecan Crunch
  4. Cherry Chocolate Almond Cream
  5. Chai Almond Dream Cream
  6. Chocolate Peanut Butter Frozen Banana Bites
  7. Hot Cocoa
  8. Chocolate Banana Dream Cream
  9. Fruit & Nut Snacks
  10. Mexican Refried Lentils
  11. Smokey Eggplant Hummus
  12. Breads, Crackers, & Chips
  13. Mo’s Guacamole Hummus
  14. Traditional Hummus
  15. Green Pea Guacamole
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