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Our Road to Charity

Over the past seven years, our cooking school became a success. During this time, I began to wonder how we could further the education and help others. Yet, I was still unsure of what direction to take. Paul suggested I host a Think Tank Dinner in January 2017 and invite some of my students, many who were also community leaders.

The agreement became unanimous after our dinner that night. All fifteen-people reached the same conclusion that it was time to become a nonprofit charity. It was felt that this status would increase the awareness and allow us to reach further into the community. It would facilitate a network of donors and corporations willing to express their support for the long-term effects of healing through a plant-based diet.


My mission is to keep educating. I will continue to teach the public a better way to cook for life long health. This same education plays a critical role in protecting the resources of our planet by encouraging a more plant-based diet. This same education will continue to improve the awareness of the disturbing practices in the animal food industry.

The nutrition science is complex but also inspiring and full of promise. The process of teaching creates a wealth of insight that will continue to grow. Preparing food is a symbolic gesture. It promotes healing in a new way. The beauty of learning and then participating in a new way to eat is that it’s something everyone can become involved in. This mission is to provide an exclusive plant-based professional cooking platform that is honest and sincere about our future. The goal is to provide a means that will ultimately enrich one’s life. The platform will be one of inclusion for all those with a hint of curiosity for the almost. Through this mission, we will create an environment that provides hope for all generations.


The immediate goals will include:

Free Weekly Online Videos that will be announced through a syllabus and provided through your current and free email subscription to the Almost Vegan Cooking School. The syllabus will include:
a calendar, course details, recipe links, instruction videos, and mini lectures. The videos will be hosted on our You Tube Channel which can be viewed and shared by anyone.

A new and updated curriculum for “The Cooking Introduction Series to Plant-based Foods.” I will be updating the series to include day by day instruction, encouragement and support to help students from around the world reach their goals. The purpose is to create an online community of support through a greater use of technology. It is our hope that this will be launched in the spring of 2019.

Book Update

I am currently working with a literary agent. I am becoming an author. We are presenting a proposal to prominent book publishers.  Upon publishing, this book will become a part of the online curriculum and create future opportunities to share my story and the exciting world of cooking with plants.

This new direction is supported by a mountain of research documenting the benefits of a whole food plant-based diet to prevent, cure and reverse heart disease, some forms of cancer, and type 2 diabetes. The benefits are astounding for lowering cholesterol, high blood pressure, improving arthritis, mental health, and even sexual performance.

Thank you, always, for supporting Almost Vegan Cooking School to heal our bodies, heal each other, and heal our world, one recipe at a time!


Founder of Almost Vegan Cooking School






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