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A European classic that is a sugar-free cereal!

Have you noticed how difficult it is to buy sugar-free cereal at the market these days? And when you do, it can be quite expensive. Sugar is a cheap filler added to give weight and value to many packaged foods.

Müesli is the simplest thing to make, it’s a European morning classic. In fact, it’s as easy as preparing cold cereal with raw oatmeal flakes, adding cold plant-based milk and what ever extras you like. You will be amazed. It’s that simple.

I often prepare a bowl of fruit, some chopped dates, sliced almonds, coconut flakes and generously shake spoonfuls of uncooked oat flakes over the top. I finish it off by pouring ice cold almond milk, and grab a spoon.

There are all kinds of topping ideas on the recipe page,  just store the dried fruits and nuts in mason jars, add spoons for serving, and even the kids will create just what they want.

An easy way to add a less processed grain in the day!

Best good morning wishes,