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Sometimes I’m in the mood for generous slices of iceberg lettuce, towering high on the plate with oven french fries. Then I’ll drench every thing in homemade Thousand Island dressing. This dinner sounds ridiculous I know, but somehow lowbrow food settles well in my comfort zone. Sometimes it’s silly and sometimes it’s fun. Often it is food full of memories, gone, until you take one bite and you are back on cloud nine. I wasn’t sure if we should film this recipe at all, being what it is, but then again, all of us probably have a few quirky dishes we fall back. When I was a child, it was graham crackers and milk. Sitting at the table giggling and laughing about who knows what. We hope you are enjoying our family favorite cooking series. Sharing these recipes has been fun. For me, it is the kind of fun you notice when children are playing and finding pure joy in the activity.

This cooking school is also a labor of love. Dave, who is off camera, brings his cheeky sense of humor into the kitchen every time we film. It’s usually early morning and the kitchen is cold because of all the windows. We began creating these videos right before Christmas. All the filming is done with our iPhones. Dave developed a new skill as director and editor. He became self taught in the professional editing program Final Cut Pro. This is the program used by all the big shots!
Courtnay, Dave, and sometimes Paul, if he is around, devour the food right after the video is done!

We have much to share in the next several months as Courtnay has been planning and planting a big garden for us, and everyone else! She has enormous talent and a gifted heart. I can’t wait to show you the progress and her little seedlings.

Fresh spring greetings from our school to your home.
And please let me know if you like lowbrow foods.

Your friend in the kitchen,