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Student Testimonials

I was just sitting down to send you a thank you for a very fun Saturday morning and your email popped in:) We all enjoyed the experience and the food was fantastic! I even made the sweet potato pancakes for two of my grandchildren the next morning and they loved them!

I will be coming to your April class “Fueling Good” with my sister. We have both read Dr Greger’s book and are fans.

Look forward to seeing you in April.


Hi Debbie!
My husband, Marty, and I were at your amazing spring cooking class today. I was so inspired!  For dinner I made your veggie pot pie and beet salad (from your website > free recipes) and they were DELICIOUS!!!! We were so happy with the result…delicious and healthy!  I have decided to recommit to veganism and so appreciate you showing me how amazing the food can be.  

God bless you and see you at the next class!

Sarah & Marty

Student Tests Out Our Class Recipe
One Pot Meal from our “Soups For Supper” class

Sometimes we have students who have never cooked a day in their life. Garry attended the Soups for Supper Cooking Class and sent a picture of his first pot of soup. He had to buy and borrow the equipment just to create his first pot of homemade soup. This was a huge accomplishment and brought many cheers from fellow students in class. He even won the Teacher’s Pet Award that day.

I finally had time to make a recipe from class. All my neighbors loved it and they are all still ok!