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Turmeric and Ginger are soaring in popularity from lattes to frozen desserts in America. Turmeric is the golden spice of cooking and ginger is its cozy companion.
Simple Math Conversions
A one inch knob grated = 1 teaspoon
A half inch knob grated = 1/2 teaspoon
Good to Know
Powder and Raw forms of Turmeric appear to offer different nutritional profiles:
Cooking with fresh Turmeric may offer better anti-inflammatory benefits.
Cooking with the spice powder of Turmeric appears to offer better DNA protection.
Turmeric is powerful and sophisticated. It works rapidly in our blood cells.  A quarter teaspoon of powdered turmeric is recommended per person, per day.  A quarter inch of fresh turmeric is the recommendation per person, per day. Sourced from the book “How Not to Die” Dr. Michael Greger, page 352, Herbs and Spices.