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Wrap It Up

This is our second edition of our refreshing newsletter, Let’s Get Serious. We are not standing still. It is evolving, dynamic, and we are learning from our students. We delivered the print copy to Physicians all over Metro Denver and received interesting feedback. Their staff found the articles really interesting and are looking for more. Some Doctors took our candidness a bit personally, but I believe overall, it opened their eyes to learn what their patients really want.

The interview we had with Dr. Andrew Freeman was accepted extremely well by the medical staff and their physicians were positive as well. Their reaction was mostly described by them as “a different approach,” but valuable.

What’s coming up? The final class of the spring is called Fueling Good, emphasizing healthy foods that strengthen defenses against breast cancer. This class is on April 29. On July 22-23 is Vegfest which is an incredible two days of great education and great healthy food. Debbie will be featured as a guest speaker and demonstrator. We recommend that you attend and make it a family affair. It’s wonderful. It is located at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. Visit for details.

Last year, Debbie spent almost three weeks in Israel experiencing the culture and where so many religions come together. She also went to many vegan restaurants and incredible vegetable and food markets. Some of these foods will be featured in her home classes and on her new online class approach.

In May of this year, right around the corner, Debbie will travel to France, Germany, and Italy, to research new foods and cooking methods. Visiting vegan restaurants is on the agenda. I have a sixth sense that Debbie will also take some time to enjoy the cultures and visit Giverny, home of her favorite artist, Claude Monet. Could he have been vegan? Debbie aims to find out.

We’ll keep you updated all summer long. See you in class and at Veg fest!