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I am so excited to share Kimberlie’s newly published books. She is a dear friend from Los Angeles who helped us with our Cooking School Indigogo Campaign (fundraising) back in 2013. She always encouraged me to keep on writing, and eventually I completed my first book. She even read the first draft, which is like revealing your guts on paper, but she wrote back and told me how normal I was. Next came her advice on how I could organize the material.

Living in Los Angeles, Kimberlie was actively involved with the welfare of animals. She has since moved to Scotland after an engagement to a charming man she first met in college, at a candy store. She is currently attending the University of Aberdeen and the author of 3 amazing books including “Scotland’s Animal Superstars” and “Rebel Dogs!” I miss her camaraderie when I visit my family in LA. Yet, I still fondly remember sipping coffee at her favorite hangout in the valley and dreaming with her. Her dream was to become a free lance author, for she was tired of Hollywood, screenplays, and writing travel brochures. She was ready to travel herself. I love that she is my friend and that her success is occurring right in fron of me. Congratulations Kimberlie. Life is good when it’s good.

Thank you for supporting my dreams too and Almost Vegan Cooking School!