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Before opening a cooking school in 2012, I remember looking forward to snowy weekends in January because I could hibernate. I felt like nothing was more satisfying than finding time to sew. If there was a blizzard outside it didn’t bother me one bit. I would smile inside because being snowed in for a few days felt great. I could shift gears, let go of daily responsibility. Now was the time to concentrate on creating the most beautiful quilt block I could imagine or design a pillow or even a purse from a box of scraps.

But when January was over I began to wish for spring. February feels old and tired full of bare trees and muddy looking snow. After longing for hibernation, I would begin to dream about warmth and sunshine and the color green. Random thoughts developed patterns of how pretty my garden would become if I grew more flowers and plants.

Now my free thoughts have shifted from sewing to cooking with plants. I like to imagine creating gorgeous things I can eat. I am surprised by how much I enjoy reading recipes and imagining the taste on my tongue.  How I might make it vegan and create something fabulous and fun.  I still love bright color, it makes my heart sing, but everything in my head has shifted a little bit.

This Roast of Vegetable Platter is in celebration of a brand new year.  To all those dreams we carry within us, to old habits and new resolutions we sometimes keep. Click here for the recipe!

I was inspired to make this recipe by Chef Chris Honor in his cookbook “Big Flavors from a Small Kitchen.” He is a UK chef with a neighborhood restaurant in north London.  I like that his children do their homework in his restaurant after school. I really like his style and the food he creates. I think I would like his place. The colors from this Roast of Vegetable platter remind me of quilt blocks and garden flowers. I have a great imagination in the dead of winter. The featured guilt block is designed by another color genius, Kaffe Fassett, also a UK resident. So many talented people in this world doing marvelous things.

Here’s to the joy of winter hibernation, resting and waiting for new life to be come.  May you have a happy 2018!

Your soulmate in the kitchen,