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To Our Dear Almost Vegan Cooking School Community,

This past year has been filled with many new events. Doors have opened through our new Corporate Lunch and Learn Program which included invitations to address employees from both Denver Water and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, among many others. The programs have been heavily attended.

As a company we have applied for non-profit status 501(c)(3) after consulting many community leaders through a special Think Tank Dinner that occurred in January 2017. Through this new direction it is our hope that we will  encourage additional support from the business community, individual advocates, corporate wellness programs, and government grants. Our mission is to develop a continuous series of practical video education that will augment our personal activities. We, of course, will always have basic and unique in home classes to k
eep us close and sharpen our skills.  All profits will be donated to individuals and groups as well as to build our library of education.

This year also feels monumental in ways I never could have imagined, I completed my first book, and I can’t wait to share it with you in the coming months. The road continues to climb as I look for a publisher, pursue a book agent, and examine the attributes of self publishing. I am persevering because I feel that it is vital to the mission of our cooking school.  The cooking curriculum has been a foundational component to the success of so many students and within that story is why and how I began the cooking school.  The story is full of heart, science and lots of joy.

During 2017, I also developed and taught a brand new series of cooking classes which were highly attended during the winter and spring. In July we were honored to participate again and invited to put on a cooking demonstration, for the fourth year at VegFest Colorado. It has been exciting to see this festival of volunteers continue to grow and we are thrilled to be a part of this ongoing educational outreach.

With the help of my staff we also catered our first wedding cocktail party, hosted private cooking events in my kitchen for birthdays and reunions, and even taught our first special “date night” dinner for newly weds with hands on cooking.  All these opportunities unfolded while I was writing and working on my book. I will continue to focus on such events because this is what makes it all fun.

The company vision is still the same, but it feels as if the heart is growing bigger everyday. As I look back over the year I can’t help feeling awed by the blessings and the opportunities ahead. Thank you so much for supporting my cooking school in an effort to heal our bodies, heal each other, and heal our world,  I love the way food has connected us. Thank you again for sharing the joy.  May you have a wonderful holiday and precious new year!

Your soulmate in the kitchen,