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A funny thing happened when I began Almost Vegan Cooking School.  I discovered my new name.  Sometimes our identity changes as we grow up, and sometimes during our life, our identity can be hard to figure out.  I have always had trouble with my identity.  Maybe I have loved too many things to narrow down one identity.  The funny thing is, what I loved the most, eventually, became my identity.

Debbie February 2011 copyFive years ago I had an idea, a pretty simple one, to start sharing food I was learning to make through this recreational cooking school.  Since I knew not a single vegan personally, I wasn’t even sure students would sign up for a cooking class. Our Daily Greens , our first cooking class. copy My new name, Almost Vegan, was my welcome to those who wanted to learn more about cooking with plants.  Everything I did from the beginning,  was done by faith or you could say a faith full of love. What started as a little beginning has grown into an exciting business with my new name, Almost Vegan.  I wasn’t sure if you could start a business based on love and sharing, but it seems to be working and I have all of you, to thank.  I can hardly believe that we are celebrating our fifth year at Almost Vegan Cooking School!

IMG_5539 copyIn celebration of our very first cooking class “Our Daily Greens.” I want to share with you a beautiful spring salad, and of course, one of my favorites.  A dark leafy green salad toss with a citrusy orange and lemony dressing.  If you plant pansies or french marigolds by your door step, be sure to toss them in this salad.  I even include pink rose petals when my old fashion Gallica roses are in bloom.

Just to let you know, I have some pretty awesome classes coming up in June and more cooking classes throughout the summer months.  If you are close by or in Denver this summer, please take a look.  I’ll also be working on an expanded lecture series, a new You Tube channel, and continuing to write my very first cookbook.  As an extra special 70th birthday treat for my husband Paul, we are traveling to Israel and Jordan this spring, so I’ll definitely have new cooking inspirations to share with you when I return!

Work and fun, food and friendship, what could be better than that?

And by the way, if you are having trouble with your identity too, it’s because your silly looking photo ID is not a good representation of what you are.  Imagine if your identification card was not about how you looked, where you lived, or even the year you were born, but instead made up of the things you love; like your first kiss, your favorite flavor of ice cream, the things that wake you up in the morning and bring clarity into your life?

With warm wishes from my kitchen to yours,