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Blog 3- C copyThe chilly air, the dimming light, leaves swirling in all directions and crunching underfoot, I love this time of year, for all kinds of 3 - B copyThere’s an allure I think, in the changing of the seasons with all those rituals showing up again and again as we live our life by nature’s trend. Summer is so gorgeous and then it passes, right before our very eye, but before it leaves, it swirls around a bit, throwing off her seed, and then, she just collapses and goes to sleep.

Cooking at home brings these natural wonders together in your kitchen in such a delightful way. Over the years it has become a tradition in our home to have a big pot of chili brewing on the cooktop the eve of Halloween.Blog 3 - F copy It’s the perfect meal to prepare before the night sets in, whether you are trick or treating with young ones or staying home and entertaining the neighborhood crowd, a warm pot of chili on the stove, is an enjoyable meal for the festivities of the night.

Bog 3 -H copyWith all those pumpkins flickering by candle light, you might be in the same type of mood. This chili recipe is sensational and once you try it, I guarantee you will make it again and again. I think it’s the unexpected combination of flavor and color that makes it so special. Be sure, by the way, to use black beans for Halloween, it’s the perfect combination with those bright orange carrots and potatoes, and the maple syrup cornbread, is amazing! I discovered this cornbread recipe in Alicia Silverstone’s cookbook “The Kind Diet.” The chili recipe was shared by a friend many years ago and I have been sharing it in cooking classes ever since. Serve your bowls with a stack of this maple cornbread or crumble the homemade bread all over the top!

Wishing you a Happy Hallowed Halloween!