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A Journey to Claude Monet’s Garden and Country Home

Ever since I can remember, perhaps 40 years, I have dreamed of the places inside those gilded spaces that inspired
Claude Monet.  This very May, in the spring of 2017, in celebration of my 60th birthday, Paul and I traveled to France and I was able to see Monet’s intimate garden and country home in Giverny, France. I was able to touch the fresh flowers growing in his paint box garden with my own two hands. It was wonderful. The beauty was breathtaking. His artistic vision was every where I looked. I almost feel shy in describing it’s depth. That special day was the beginning of an extraordinary three country European trip.

This storybook cottage at the end of a magnificent jardin has given me more cause to love Claude Monet and those impressionistic paintings he created. It was also a pleasure to see the domestic skills of Claude Monet, his blue and white tiled kitchen and his painted sunny yellow dining room. I love his palette for color, his passion for light, his sense of culinary adventures which he enjoyed sharing with friends at night. His legacy of palette to palate was another discovery of delight.