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img_2752Everywhere in America there are some really great farmers markets to explore and my new home, New York, is no different.  Upstate there are some really great farms that offer berry picking in the late summer months and apple picking in the fall.  In the city there are plenty more farmers markets.  I have been to several here but I still miss the market I visited every week with my husband and my little girl in Denver.  We used to live in the Platt Park neighborhood near Wash Park and we hardly ever missed a Sunday in the summer and fall at the South Pearl Street Farmers Market.  There was just something about it that made it special for us, there were lots of gorgeous Colorado vegetables to choose from, and some vegan vendors too.  I have to say that the one I miss the most was the Beyond Better vegan cheese, this has been the best cheese replacement I have found and everyone in my family, vegan or not, loves it!  It is one of those things that takes hardly any effort or time, and I am all about shortcuts in the kitchen! I am lucky that I can still order their product online because it is so delicious.  Looking forward to the months ahead, I always start to get really nostalgic about the farmers markets winding down their seasons and coming to an end. I hope you and your family are able to enjoy all that your local market has to offer before winter is here.