Hi Debbie, Just wanted to thank you so much for the class on Saturday. Liz, Michele and I had a fantastic time.  I feel like the mystery of veggies has been exposed. Went to Whole Foods today and bought the Sprouted Seeduction bread and roasting veggies.  Then I made a huge pot of veggie soup… Read more »


I have thoroughly enjoyed your cooking classes and I look forward to the upcoming ones. I can’t tell you how good it feels to have support on this undertaking. I spent the first six months of this new way of eating feeling a bit challenged and isolated. Now I feel excited to learn new ways… Read more »


Hi, Debbie – I’m planning on coming to all of the classes that you have me listed  for. Thanks!… also, just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed taking the classes that I have with you; you have a great and relaxing and welcoming  teaching style, and your passion for what you are sharing is… Read more »


I have been telling my friends about how much I gained from, and enjoyed, your classes.  I am trying many new foods as a result.  Thank you! Margie


Hi Debbie, Thank you for the class confirmation.  I will be able to attend next Wednesday but it turns out that I will be out of town for Memorial Day weekend so I won’t be able to attend the class on the 26th. I’m passionate about all I’m learning and your classes are a real… Read more »


YUMMY!!!  I made the chickpeas recipe,  the peanut sauce and asparagus and was very excited that it all turned out just like yours.  Who knew I could really cook!  J  Yee Haw!! Warmly, Sherry


Hi Debbie, First I must tell you how much I have loved attending your classes…just awesome!  You are a gifted instructor and are clearly passionate about the vegan lifestyle.  🙂 Also, if you have room in the Asian Spring Rolls class on June 30th, I’d love to join you for that class. I really love… Read more »


We had a blast making some of the salads yesterday while Twyla was visiting.  She won’t be in town for the June 30th class so please free up that space for someone else. One of the things we enjoyed as a spur of the moment were those two dressings from Whole Foods that don’t have… Read more »


Hi, Debbie – Thank you for class this morning. Everything you prepared for us was absolutely fabulous! Just wanted to see if I could get the recipes for the kale chips and the morning green smoothie I’ve been hearing so much about. There is no rush on this, so whenever it is convenient for you…. Read more »

Struggling Vegan

Greetings, Debbie: Once again, your 2 new classes (Soup for Supper and Creating Beautiful Salads) as well as Vegan Schmegan were a respite in this fast paced / fast-food world.   Your lovely home is such a warm place to watch you create the dishes and then we get to savor the creation!!  And of course… Read more »