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Our End of Summer Newsletter and not so serious side of Almost Vegan Cooking School 

Early summer began with an overseas flight to Paris, then Berlin, next we hopped on a bus for a classical tour of Italy’s most spectacular spots. It was a summer to remember in more ways than one.  Paul and I flew back to Paris once again for the final leg of our trip. All of our over the top enthusiasm at the beginning of the trip settled down to a much needed rest. I began to realize there are only so many castles, paintings, statues, and ruins one can possibly take in. We both shifted down toward the pure pleasure of walking, long leisurely strolls, in the 13th arrondissement neighborhood.  We began to spend our days as if we were Parisian residents.

The routine became quaint and familiar, we knew the streets. I had a new orange scarf fashioned around my neck, that stylish French accessory which provides practical protection from the windy chill of the metro stop. During our last few days we walked hand in hand to that “nowhere in particular” kind of place. We discovered the nuances of tiny spaces and the art of drawn-out-mid-day meals, over crowded tables, twirling glasses of wine with cleaver conversation and small bites of food. These were moments in time we shared together, the kind of feeling one dreams of that can happen on a perfect summer day.