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I just found out that the Vietnamese sandwich we have all been raving about is pronounced “bun-mee” !  Don’t you love it? It sounds even more fun than my original American attempt:)  Why not literally warm those baguette buns in the oven for a crispy crust or warm up your mouth with pickled jalapeño peppers as a condiment?

This Viet-French sandwich Jenny and I introduced at the 2017 VegFest can be yours for he asking at the Vinh Xuong Bakery located in the northwest corner of Alameda Square Shopping Center. And by the way,  Vinh Xuong is pronounced “Vin Sun” (vin as in the American boy’s name Vince.)  This sandwich is the by-product of French colonialism in Indochina combining French ingredients like baguettes and mayonnaise with native Vietnamese ingredients like cilantro, cucumbers, pickled daikon and carrot.  For many of us,  this sandwich is love at first bite. You might even call it the culinary love child created from two distinct civilizations.  A marriage of ingredients which left a happy legacy, at least in the food it helped create.

Your first bite is like a party in your mouth.  There is an art to the layers and you can easily make it vegan by choosing, plant-based mayonnaise, avocado or tofu.  A great place to try your first one is in Denver at the Vinh Xuong Bakery.

This bakery is a charming place with a special vibe.  You can leave with a full belly and full wallet too, as the veggie sandwich is only five, one dollar bills. They even have a gluten free option option, in a rice paper wrap.  You can sip on Vietnamese coffees, and splurge on their gigantic sesame balls if you possess a sweet tooth, a pastry that’s vegan with a mellow yellow filling, made from sugar and mung bean paste.  And don’t forget to purchase fresh baguettes for 50 cents each if you want to continue making them at home. They also make a from scratch  crispy chili condiment, called “crackling” which can be found in the cooler for $5.00 a jar.  Even Westword newspaper has voted this space as the best in town for it’s charm, pricing, and deliciousness!  Check it out for lunch! They are located near I-25 and the Alameda exit.

If you live far from a Bahn Mi Sandwich fix, here’s everything you need to make your own incredible sandwich at home, you’ll be glad you did!  Here’s the re