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square image on the tray copyThis is my secret recipe for creating scrumptious, crunchy, irresistible, whole grain granola without any refined sugar!  If you check the labels at the super market it is nearly impossible to find granola cereal or bars without lots of added sugar.

I have been making homemade granola for years, and this recipe I developed over 25 years ago, when I was pregnant with Wes and wanted to be extra healthy!  It is still my favorite old cereal. Cold ceral with milk copy You can keep the ingredients rather simple but I like adding all the extras,  including goji berries, two types of raisins, coconut flakes, seeds, nuts, and dried fruit such as red and green dehydrated apples for their gorgeous colors. I began sharing this recipe in my Rise and Shine Breakfast class and it always surprises everyone how delicious and beautiful homemade granola can be.apples copy

Once the ingredients are measured out,  it comes together quickly.  My secret to sweetening everything up is by drizzling melted apple juice concentrate over the first toasting of the oatmeal grains.  The apple juice concentrate further caramelizes everything, just perfectly.  And, in order to enjoy the goodness I always double the batch and toast two trays at once.  I freeze the second batch in zip lock bags and bring it out when the mood strikes.

close shot copyThe possibilities for using granola are endless.  I like granola on top of smoothies, vegan dream creams, or nice creams, sprinkled over slightly warmed fruit, mixed with chia pudding, with overnight oats, and it’s a great little snack on the plane, in the car, long hikes, ski days and even wrapped up for holiday gift giving in see through bags or old fashion mason jars.

I doubt you will ever go back to supermarket granola again after enjoying this recipe.  Just a little warning.

From my kitchen to yours, spreading a little love.

With best wishes,