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Being pregnant and eating a plant-based diet can be a little challenging, mainly because everyone seems so concerned about my protein consumption. But I have gained a healthy, appropriate amount of weight and I actually feel like I am giving my baby a head start exposing them to lots of nutrients while they are doing some very important growing.

I try to be mindful that I am eating enough protein for the both of us and one way that I have accomplished this is by adding more seeds and nuts into my diet. I will top salads with seeds, or grab a handful of nuts between meals. Almonds and sunflower seeds have a surprising amount of protein in them.

I have been making a vegan Caesar salad repeatedly (it has been one of the few foods that doesn’t give me heart burn). I make the dressing from scratch, I throw in some cherry tomatoes, and I use a variety of greens. I really love the crunch of the romaine lettuce, but I add spinach to bump up the nutrition density.  There are several salad dressing recipes that are sunflower seed or cashew nut based and they turn out really creamy if you use a food processor or high speed blender.  Store bought dressing is never as good as homemade dressing, I actually think this could be why I didn’t like salads for a long time.  I could never find a dressing that didn’t taste like preservatives.

Here’s the Caesar Salad with Polenta Croutons recipe

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A note from Debbie…

The Cesar salad dressing is a recipe from TrueNorth Health Center.  It has been kitchen tested by Almost Vegan Cooking School and approved!  The crouton recipe is from FOOD 52 Community Picks.  I think you will love this combination!