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The first book I ever read as a young girl, in which I became completely enamored with the characters was Charlotte’s Web, by E. B. White. The emotion I felt for Wilber the pig and Charlotte, the spider in the web, will remain in my childhood memory forever. The tenderness of that friendship, my developing empathy, the helplessness of a lovable pig, became my strength as a reader and my love for book reading at a very young age.

So many years went by and I never, ever made the connection between this childhood story, Wilber, his fear of death, and what I put on my plate.  In 1952, a few weeks before Charlotte’s Web was published, the editor asked E. B. White what had inspired this book.  He said, “Animals are a weakness with me and it would be odd if I failed to write about them.”

He went on to say, “ A farm is a peculiar problem for a man who likes animals.  The relationship bothered me … as I do not like to betray a person or a living creature”… E. B. White typed out two brief pages in response to this simple question and sent it off to his editor.

His reply is short, thoughtful and full of insight, his two pages are depicted from his old fashion typewriter, his words are here.

Eventually my reading lead me to the book, This Crazy Vegan Life, by Christina Pirello. Christina is currently the host of Public Television’s Christina Cooks and Author of Cooking the Whole Foods Way.

That’s how I became a vegan, by being a book worm. I didn’t know any other vegans until I started my cooking school, Almost Vegan.  It truly is my crazy good fortune to have met so many of you!

HerIMG_4183 copye is one great recipe for Fake-in Bacon with a memory to Charlotte’s beautiful web.  I’ve adapted the recipe slightly but the inspiration is from

I like to make 2 batches at a time, and freeze one for later. IMG_4260 copy
Sprinkle bacon on salads, baked potatoes, tofu scrambles, bagels and cheese (Daiya deliciously dairy free brand cheese slices are perfect) BLT sandwiches for summer, and a quick and easy lunch is to toast sourdough bread, add a smear of Costco Guacamole, and top with bacon.  It really can become your favorite bacon and both of your hearts will love it too!

With warm wishes from my kitchen to yours,