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From Palette to Palate

A Journey to Claude Monet’s Garden and Country Home Ever since I can remember, perhaps 40 years, I have dreamed of the places inside those gilded spaces that inspired Claude Monet.  This very May, in the spring of 2017, in celebration of my 60th birthday, Paul and I traveled to France and I was able… Read more »

The Substitute Teacher

My Summer Squash Rosette: A Simple French Gratin with Vegan Cooking Techniques A gratin is a French culinary technique in which the top is browned by using bread crumbs, eggs, or cheese and is usually prepared in a shallow baking dish. I have been admiring photographs of french gratins on Instagram for a long, long time… Read more »

Summer Days at Home

In the early morning hour An excerpt from Paul Devore (Debbie’s Husband)  We both rise between 4 and 5 am, I’m usually about 15 minutes ahead of Deb, and then I begin the spoiling process. I love it and she loves it too. I head downstairs to make my coffee and set up tea service… Read more »

A Summer of Book Writing

I think Debbie is a wonderful writer. She has a natural ability to express her thoughts that are received as an experience of education, warmth, sincerity, truth, and spirit. For those who know Debbie, I believe you know what I mean. The book writing has progressed through the summer and now her focus has shifted to… Read more »

Book Corner

Summer Reading One of the nice things about flying over an ocean is the simplicity of choice; movies, reading, or falling asleep. In anticipation of endless time I downloaded a number of books. I decided to switch genres because I am rightfully accused of reading too many health food books. I decided to take a… Read more »