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Summer Reading

One of the nice things about flying over an ocean is the simplicity of choice; movies, reading, or falling asleep. In anticipation of endless time I downloaded a number of books. I decided to switch genres because I am rightfully accused of reading too many health food books. I decided to take a reading rest too.

After long days of travel and the adventures that come with exploring foreign land, I gratefully fell asleep in tiny beds within tiny rooms with the writing diversion of Anthony Borgia in “The World Unseen.” His thoughts were in my head before drifting off into deep summer vacation sleep.

Here are three books I throughly enjoyed while I was flying in the clouds or falling asleep:

“The World Unseen” by Anthony Borgia
If you would like to rest your mind and visit the possible realms of heaven through the vision of a dead English Episcopal priest, who was a prolific writer before he died, this collection of three small books is channeled through an old friend of his, Anthony Borgia. It truly is one of the most unusual books I have ever read, full of extraordinary story telling and vivid imagination. I found it a great summer read full of a lasting impression. This book feels like a great day at the beach with an ocean view, the heavenly images will seep into your sun blessed skin.Out of print but available on Kindle for $2.99

“The One World Schoolhouse” by Salman Khan
A visionary You Tube math teacher who is bringing free online education to the world. Kahn Academy is one of the most watched You Tube channels of our time.  A humble fascinating story full of brilliant insight.  A forward thinker in our time.

“The President’s Kitchen Cabinet” by Adrian Miller
A local Denver author who shares, for the first time, the culinary history from George Washington’s presidency to Obama’s last term.  A well researched historical account of the African Americans who fed our first families, the pressures they worked under as slaves and their subsequent emancipation. Filled with juicy detail and family life intimacies inside the White House. I was lucky enough to accidentally sit next to Adrian Miller at church one day. That is how I found out about this book.  A fellow writer and this is his second published book!