Nourish Your Heart

Places That Feel Good

There are places I am naturally drawn to, that are hard to explain.  I feel something familiar, a sense of comfort, as if I have a memory from before.   I love these kinds of places, and I have tried to create them, many times.  Sometimes, it comes with decorating a room or fixing up an… Read more »

A Winter Holiday Menu

Just in time for holiday cooking a pre-planned holiday menu from my kitchen to yours.  Cranberry Holiday Soup Winter Waldorf Kale Salad Winter Squash With Wild Rice Dressing Serve with warm apple sauce Rustic Cranberry Apple Crumble Galette Lots of delicious ideas and old family favorites to help you through the holiday season. Make something… Read more »

Halloween Chili

The chilly air, the dimming light, leaves swirling in all directions and crunching underfoot, I love this time of year, for all kinds of reasons.There’s an allure I think, in the changing of the seasons with all those rituals showing up again and again as we live our life by nature’s trend. Summer is so gorgeous and then… Read more »

Salsa Contest Contestant

Last month I participated in my first ever salsa contest.  Oh, I wish I could tell you that I took first place, second place or even third, but actually I was awarded a red ribbon for participation! Despite the outcome and lack of cash prizes, it was truly over the top!  Maybe it doesn’t take… Read more »

My 1st Blog: A Summer Trip to Santa Fe

  Wow, this is my first blog! I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. I love to journal write, early morning, but somehow putting my thoughts online, in a blog format is slightly intimidating, at least this first time. But everything about Almost Vegan Cooking School has been a first, from learning to… Read more »