Nourish Your Heart

Ranch Dressing

This blog is all about the sauce, and a good sauce can make a meal magnificent!  Luckily in the world of plants we have a genius to thank, Miyoko Schinner, who is good at sauce making and is becoming well known for creating some of the best cheese on the planet, all from tender plants. … Read more »

Coconut Bacon

The first book I ever read as a young girl, in which I became completely enamored with the characters was Charlotte’s Web, by E. B. White. The emotion I felt for Wilber the pig and Charlotte, the spider in the web, will remain in my childhood memory forever. The tenderness of that friendship, my developing… Read more »

Moroccan Carrots

I would love to visit Morocco and I came so close as a student when I spent a summer on Lanzarote, part of the Canary Islands, just off it’s coastline. I remember camels, island bungalows, cactus gardens, and volcanic sand too hot to stand still.  Occasionally wind storms blew sand onto the island from the… Read more »

Beet Power

This is the most gorgeous smoothie I think I have ever made. It is the perfect balance of flavor, not to mention how excited my palate reacts with all those juicy flamboyant colors swirling around in the Vita-mix.  I wish I was sipping on one right now as I am typing this blog. I wanted… Read more »

Hello My Name is…

A funny thing happened when I began Almost Vegan Cooking School.  I discovered my new name.  Sometimes our identity changes as we grow up, and sometimes during our life, our identity can be hard to figure out.  I have always had trouble with my identity.  Maybe I have loved too many things to narrow down… Read more »

Debbie’s No Added Sugar- Fruit Sweetened Granola©

This is my secret recipe for creating scrumptious, crunchy, irresistible, whole grain granola without any refined sugar!  If you check the labels at the super market it is nearly impossible to find granola cereal or bars without lots of added sugar. I have been making homemade granola for years, and this recipe I developed over… Read more »

Breakfast Burritos – freezer to oven

If you love breakfast, burritos, eggy tofu scrambles, roasted green chiles, hummus, any kind of hardy dark leafy green, bell peppers, fried onions, or a touch of cheese, like I do, then this recipe for freezer to oven  breakfast burritos has everything you love and more! When our son moved home last year to save… Read more »

Vegetable Pot Pie – 3 Ways

Vegetables and gravy smothered in biscuits?  You might think I have this enticing description backwards, but this is the best way to describe our NEW FAMILY FAVORITE.  When these crisp edgy golden biscuits come out of the oven and cover the top of a piping hot gravy,  you know you have died and gone to… Read more »

Ultimate Fun Party Food Ideas with an Asian Twist

Looking for some fun snack food while watching the telly this winter?  Here are three of my very favorite recipes that I tend to make over and over again.  Our Super Bowl Party Foods Cooking Class recently sold out, so I decided to share some extra perfect at-home snacks, this time, with an Asian Twist…. Read more »

Cold Weather Comfort Food

Pile on the bacon and indulge your family with a Dreamy Creamy Sauced Noodle Night! This is mushroom magic, it’s vegan, it’s homemade, you don’t need to use it sparingly!  Add this to any dish you can think of or pair it with this delicious combo of  cheesy sauced noodles.  I served this dish Christmas Eve… Read more »