Nourish Your Heart

Wrap It Up

Let’s Get Serious Has A Purpose It all began when Debbie Devore stood in from of the Chez Artiste movie theater on a warm summer evening six years ago, in Denver, Colorado, handing out flyers offering free plant-based cooking classes. Many movie-goers seemed a bit suspicious but trusted her beautiful smile enough to fill up… Read more »

Easy Miso Potato Soup

I just listened to Dr. Michael Greger’s video on MISO, from, which just landed in my inbox today.  The topic of miso encouraged me to share this extremely easy and delicious potato soup recipe. In fact, it is so easy, it may never make it into a cooking class! The amazing flavor comes easily, from… Read more »

Craving Caesar Salad

Being pregnant and eating a plant-based diet can be a little challenging, mainly because everyone seems so concerned about my protein consumption. But I have gained a healthy, appropriate amount of weight and I actually feel like I am giving my baby a head start exposing them to lots of nutrients while they are doing… Read more »

The Simple Pleasure of a Farmer’s Market

I have a crush on a farmer’s market as you will see. I’m fond of their vegetables, still clinging to dirt. Their round blush-y colors and deep purple hues, bring a slice of weakness and pleasure to my sensible sense. I wind up wanting a little morsel of everything in my eye sight. I like… Read more »

Farmers Markets

Everywhere in America there are some really great farmers markets to explore and my new home, New York, is no different.  Upstate there are some really great farms that offer berry picking in the late summer months and apple picking in the fall.  In the city there are plenty more farmers markets.  I have been… Read more »

Three ingredient cookies for Cosette!

Last year just before Christmas I attended Debbie’s holiday cooking Bake it Vegan class, everything was so delicious and a real treat. She had a recipe for quinoa cookies, I loved them, but found that they took longer to make than the amount of time I usually have. I came up with a modified version that my daughter,… Read more »

Inner Lives of Fish

This is a story about fish, family, and food and how fishing, family and food, collide with change.  On our flight from Tel Aviv, Paris, Detroit to Denver, this past spring I had the rare opportunity to read a newspaper from cover to cover.  Air France provided a whole rack of foreign language newspapers just… Read more »

VegFest Insta-Summer Plates

Presenting The Insta-Summer Plate Specials – a recipe packet especially designed for you and presented during our live cooking event at VegFest Colorado this past week.  We selected some of the easiest recipes on the planet, perfect food for lazy summer days. Fun recipes for small plates or large platters, which can be thrown together in… Read more »

Arlie’s First Blog!

I just moved to New York City, Brooklyn to be exact, from Denver with my husband and 2 year old daughter, Cosette.  It has been a huge change for our growing family, but a good one.  Since we’ve arrived, about a month ago, I have had to set up my new kitchen in my new… Read more »