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Recipes to Relish!

Learning to pickle can be a whole lot of fun! Just chop up some veggies and soak them in a sweet or salty brine. You can massage them with your hands by using a plastic glove, or lay them in a pyrex dish for about 30 minutes before transferring them into glass or mason jars…. Read more »

What the heck is Ssamjang?

This funny Korean word represents a salty umami flavor bomb. Every family, like most home cooking, makes it their way, and Jenny’s is the best!  Traditionally this sauce is for bite sized wraps stuffed with sticky rice, kimchi, mushrooms or meat. The family tradition is to sit around the table and try to make tiny… Read more »

Recipes Please! VegFest 2017

The Banh Mi Guide Handbook! Recipes developed for VegFest Colorado ~  2017 During the month of August I will be sharing my notes regarding all the recipes Jenny and I developed for VegFest Colorado. It turned out to be another fantastic show with an attendance that nearly doubled from the previous 2016 year!  Can you… Read more »

A New Weigh – Editorial

A New Weigh – Editorial I am writing in response to an article I read in the January 12, 2017 “Your Hub” section of the Denver Post. It was written by Megan Mitchell and contains some very serious information that might help a specific group of people. The program is called My New Weigh. Assistant Director,… Read more »

The Power of “WOW”

The Power of “WOW” Every Saturday morning and every Thursday evening I listen and observe some parts of Debbie’s cooking class in a packed kitchen of 16-18 students. “WOW, it smells so good in here” is what I always hear as students enter our home. I am greeted with “Hi Paul” and from a new… Read more »

Interview with Dr. Sami Diab

Oncologist Discusses Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet For Cancer Patients I interviewed Dr. Sami Diab, Medical Oncologist, specializing in Breast Cancer at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center. Dr Diab was asked about his approach to treatment and to patient comfort when learning about the possibility that they may have cancer. Dr. Diab received his medical… Read more »

We Love Positive Feedback

Student Testimonials Debbie, I was just sitting down to send you a thank you for a very fun Saturday morning and your email popped in:) We all enjoyed the experience and the food was fantastic! I even made the sweet potato pancakes for two of my grandchildren the next morning and they loved them! I… Read more »

Food News

A Vegan or Vegetarian Diet Might Help You Lose a Few Pounds By: Marta Zaraska – The Washington Post For those hoping to shed some wintertime weight gain, research suggests that going vegetarian — or even vegan — can help.[ ] You could easily explain such findings by citing general differences in lifestyle choices between… Read more »