Nourish Your Heart

From Palette to Palate

A Journey to Claude Monet’s Garden and Country Home Ever since I can remember, perhaps 40 years, I have dreamed of the places inside those gilded spaces that inspired Claude Monet.  This very May, in the spring of 2017, in celebration of my 60th birthday, Paul and I traveled to France and I was able… Read more »

The Substitute Teacher

My Summer Squash Rosette: A Simple French Gratin with Vegan Cooking Techniques A gratin is a French culinary technique in which the top is browned by using bread crumbs, eggs, or cheese and is usually prepared in a shallow baking dish. I have been admiring photographs of french gratins on Instagram for a long, long time… Read more »

Summer Days at Home

In the early morning hour An excerpt from Paul Devore (Debbie’s Husband)  We both rise between 4 and 5 am, I’m usually about 15 minutes ahead of Deb, and then I begin the spoiling process. I love it and she loves it too. I head downstairs to make my coffee and set up tea service… Read more »

A Summer of Book Writing

I think Debbie is a wonderful writer. She has a natural ability to express her thoughts that are received as an experience of education, warmth, sincerity, truth, and spirit. For those who know Debbie, I believe you know what I mean. The book writing has progressed through the summer and now her focus has shifted to… Read more »

Book Corner

Summer Reading One of the nice things about flying over an ocean is the simplicity of choice; movies, reading, or falling asleep. In anticipation of endless time I downloaded a number of books. I decided to switch genres because I am rightfully accused of reading too many health food books. I decided to take a… Read more »

Searing Tofu

Searing tofu is a great basic technique that every fledging cook should learn to perfect. I love the flavors of this Tamari Lime Marinade that was developed for our Bahn Mi Baguette, but I have found I am using it all the time. Something this easy with such great taste is worth repeating over and… Read more »

Eat Banh Mi and Be Happy!

I just found out that the Vietnamese sandwich we have all been raving about is pronounced “bun-mee” !  Don’t you love it? It sounds even more fun than my original American attempt:)  Why not literally warm those baguette buns in the oven for a crispy crust or warm up your mouth with pickled jalapeño peppers… Read more »

Recipes to Relish!

Learning to pickle can be a whole lot of fun! Just chop up some veggies and soak them in a sweet or salty brine. You can massage them with your hands by using a plastic glove, or lay them in a pyrex dish for about 30 minutes before transferring them into glass or mason jars…. Read more »

What the heck is Ssamjang?

This funny Korean word represents a salty umami flavor bomb. Every family, like most home cooking, makes it their way, and Jenny’s is the best!  Traditionally this sauce is for bite sized wraps stuffed with sticky rice, kimchi, mushrooms or meat. The family tradition is to sit around the table and try to make tiny… Read more »