Nourish Your Heart

What is Cocoa Butter?

Cocoa butter is one of the main ingredients in this Chocolate Bark recipe. It is a pure stable fat pressed out of cacao beans. It is vegan and contains no dairy products. Below are some cool and fun things to know about Cocoa Butter Cool Facts: • Cocoa beans are harvested from a large fruit that… Read more »

Green Bean Casserole – 1955 Vegan Revamp

This extremely popular Thanksgiving hot dish was created in 1955, by a staff member, Dorcas Reilly, of the Campbell Soup Company in their home economics department. Her recipe card is now in the National Inventors Hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio.  She died last month at the age of 92 in her home town of… Read more »

A New Beginning as a Non-Profit Organization

Our Road to Charity Over the past seven years, our cooking school became a success. During this time, I began to wonder how we could further the education and help others. Yet, I was still unsure of what direction to take. Paul suggested I host a Think Tank Dinner in January 2017 and invite some… Read more »

Why I Stopped Teaching

Why I Stopped Teaching and Flew to Atlanta, Huntsville, and Birmingham, Alabama Neurologists are trained to counsel a family with brain scans, and cold percentage points. We were informed this past February that my brother John had a 98 – 99 percent likelihood of remaining bed ridden for the rest of his life. He was… Read more »

Serious Comfort Food

Warm your soul with this gooey, melted, toasted cheese sandwich accompanied by a bowl of Indian spiced tomato soup.  A deep bowl of scarlet warmth where double dipping your grilled cheese sandwich is allowed. This remedy is the country doctor showing up at supper time. Or perhaps, the perfect recipe for an inviting lunch after… Read more »

Meatballs Made by Hand with Your Heart

One of the things I love about the month of February is staying home and enjoying the pleasure of comfort food. There is something very special about dishes that are familiar to your heart. A reoccurring symbol of comfort represented by the word hygge (pronounced HOO-gah, like a Scandinavian football cheer with a Danish accent)… Read more »

Morning Müesli

A European classic that is a sugar-free cereal! Have you noticed how difficult it is to buy sugar-free cereal at the market these days? And when you do, it can be quite expensive. Sugar is a cheap filler added to give weight and value to many packaged foods. Müesli is the simplest thing to make, it’s… Read more »

Cookie of the Year!

Before I began my cooking school in 2012 I used to stitch fabulous one of a kind cookie bags pieced together from opulent decorator swatches gathered from the previous year.  Just for the sheer pleasure of sewing 3 straight lines onto luxurious fabrics and having the opportunity to fill them with homemade confections was pure… Read more »

Our Holiday Letter

To Our Dear Almost Vegan Cooking School Community, This past year has been filled with many new events. Doors have opened through our new Corporate Lunch and Learn Program which included invitations to address employees from both Denver Water and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, among many others. The programs have been… Read more »