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What’s in a Name?

Why We’re Calling This Newsletter “Let’s Get Serious” It’s simple and it makes sense. We feel it is time to provide you with real facts and real experiences, everyday non sensationalized stories, not from the so called experts with whom you don’t know or have no trusting relationship. So Let’s Get Serious! Its time to… Read more »

Interview with Dr. Andrew Freeman

Cardiologist Discusses Plant-Based Diet with Debbie Devore On December 21, 2016, Debbie Devore asked Dr. Andrew Freeman for a little background information for our readers and then posed the first question as follows: As a Cardiologist at National Jewish Health, which is considered among the premier respiratory hospitals in the world, what sparked your interest… Read more »

Weight Management

Your GPS The whys and the how’s of gaining, losing, and maintaining weight seem to converge like a road map in the big city. There are so many ways to go to reach our destination.  But which way do we choose. This, of course, depends on what you want to accomplish. Let us give you… Read more »

Our Most Precious Gift

Our Children Even before “the kids” arrive on our special planet, most parents or first time parents are already preparing for their health and safety, such as selecting a doctor for them. This is before they make their entrance. Everything you do is focusing on love, health and safety. The most important ingredient for their… Read more »

The Substitute Teacher

No we’re not sending you back to grade school although we vividly remember how refreshing it was to have a substitute teacher once in a while. Our substitute teacher is refreshing, too. Debbie Devore, the founder of Almost Vegan Cooking School, will Veganize popular dishes and share what she does at home and in class… Read more »

Food News

Grocer Eliminates Dual CEO Structure Reported in the Wall Street Journal In recent years, Whole Foods has cut prices, increased promotions, and started a loyalty program – all tactics of mainstream supermarkets such as Kroger Co. and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. – as it seeks to rid itself of its image as an overpriced chain. Whole… Read more »

Ask The Editor

Are smoothies more beneficial than juice in terms of fiber content and effects on blood sugar? The short answer is YES, if you’re referring to a homemade smoothie containing nothing but fruit. An eight-ounce cup of unsweetened apple juice or orange juice contains at least 22 grams of sugar (equivalent to about five and a half… Read more »

The Adventure

How To Meet Challenges of Feeling Better & Living Longer Let’s Get Serious. How are you going to challenge yourself today that doesn’t kill you? Do you plan on running 5 miles or lifting 200 pounds? Not today. You’re going to say to yourself, “I’m Hungry” (you probably are) then, get over it and keep reading…. Read more »

Wrap It Up

Let’s Get Serious Has A Purpose It all began when Debbie Devore stood in from of the Chez Artiste movie theater on a warm summer evening six years ago, in Denver, Colorado, handing out flyers offering free plant-based cooking classes. Many movie-goers seemed a bit suspicious but trusted her beautiful smile enough to fill up… Read more »